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Meet with KopperChem at EXTRACTION 2018

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EXTRACTION 2018 will be held 25-30 August in Ottawa, Canada, it is the industry’s first collaborative global metallurgy conference focused exclusively on extractive topics, including business and economic issues.. Hydrometallurgy 2018 is part of the Extraction 2018 global extractive metallurgy conference.

Hydrometallurgy 2018 marks the 8th installment of the leading international symposium series that showcases both research and industrial perspectives on all aspects of hydrometallurgy extraction, purification, and recovery of base, critical, rare and precious metals. Of interest are presentations that address any area of hydrometallurgy theory and practice, including but not limited to: leaching, solvent extraction, ion exchange, electrorefining, electrowinning, process control, precipitation, environmental issues, energy efficiency, recovery from secondary sources, by-product recovery, and modeling.

This symposium only occurs every four years. Warmly welcome you to meet with KopperChem at EXTRACTION 2018!

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